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  • Tesla Motors+6.24 - +2.38%
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  • Coca-Cola-0.17 - -0.43%
  • Oracle
  • Disney+1.09 - +0.96%
  • IBM-0.31 - -0.19%
  • Morgan Stanley+0.48 - +1.25%
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  • Quinnipiac Investment Club

Research & Investments

Providing in depth analysis of markets, specific equities, and commodities, the Investment Club Research & Investments group meets twice a week to discuss market trends and review stock picks using both technical and fundamental analysis.

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StockTrak, the only simulation program available that features U.S. and international stocks, futures, options, and mutual funds, is a program the Investment Club uses to test members investment strategies against one another in a realistic trading environment.

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Guest Speakers

The Investment Club Guest Speaker Series is held once a month on campus and features visits from top industry insiders to give insight and advice on their respective field.

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Industry Alliance

The objective of The Industry Alliance Program is to create a partnership between high performing students in the Quinnipiac Investment Club and various Quinnipiac alumni at prestigious organizations.

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Bloomberg Training

A valuable service we offer to all members is our two-part Bloomberg Certification Class.

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New York City Trip

Every Fall, we take a select group of our members into Manhattan to visit some of our alumni in various fields within the Financial Services Industry.


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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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The function of the investment club is improving the student’s understanding of investments and investment banking.The club includes activities related to investing. The purpose is to display a real world approach to finance and the function of the markets and investment systems.

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Learn more about our trip to NYC!

Get up close and personal with professionals in the field and a look behind the scenes at places like Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Oppenheimer & Co., and the New York Stock Exchange.